Sanctified Anger…..

I am angry! I have had to work through this, because I still have remnants of the religion of my youth, that say as a Christian, I should be “calm and loving”.

There are a lot of reasons to be angry, today. In fact I have changed from a self-proclaimed “news junky” to a news Connoisseur. Simply meaning I have become very limited and choosy about any news consumption. I have had to for my own mental health.

“I felt a fire burning inside, and the more I thought, the more it burned, until at last I said:”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭39:3‬ ‭CEV‬‬

But, I can no longer stay quiet, and have found that expressing my emotions and this includes anger, is part of my spiritual practice. I begin by expressing them to God in prayer. This sort of sanctifies them. Then when I express them in public, they have been emptied of my ego, and charged with Love for truth and justice.

After witnessing the murder, of George Floyd, I cannot get the image of him being slowly murdered in broad daylight by the very ones charged with protecting him from such a crime. This has happened over and over, and like so much violence in our country, has become a norm. This must not stand. We must stand united and say enough is enough. I refuse to accept the injustice and the stance of our countries’ leadership that not only accepts this but promotes the very hate and prejudice that is rampant in our society.

I see my brother’s and sister’s pain, I hear their cries and I will stand with them and I will take action for them. Enough is enough! We must take our country back! We must be the true church, and fill the vacuum that is occupied by the obsolete excuse for religion, that is prevalent in the land today.

“ They will know us by the Love we have for one another…...

We can not excuse the hypocrisy and posing (like the chief poser who stood in front of a church holding a Bible….and yet not offering any true leadership, prayer or word of comfort)…..this is not what I will accept or support in any way. It is anti-Love so it is anti-Christ and it is anti-American. It takes more than words, or photo ops to make true leadership.

It is time we rise up in voice and action and express our anger and unwillingness to allow this false and hateful rhetoric and crimes against humanity to stand. It’s time we turn over the tables of status qua that have highjacked our faith and way of life. May we once again be great, as defined by God and not con men!

We need to dream again and move forward, instead of looking back. We must make radical change and hold leaders responsible for their actions or lack there of. It all begins with not accepting the lies and getting angry!

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