Half Staff…But Full Resolve


After such a violent weekend, how do we respond? Thoughts and Prayers are not wrong or unecessary. They are a part of what we as a nation can and should offer for those who lost loved ones. However, are we really thinking or praying about the terrible violence of such cowardly acts. If we truly are giving thoughts and prayers, then it would be followed by actions.

For those grieving and left with the aftermath of waking from such a nightmare to the reality of their loss, we must offer comfort and support. But both those who were impacted and those of us not directly I’m,pacted, will arrive at a place of righteous anger! We must tolerate the hate and fear in our country and in ourselves that has enabled this kind of act. We must demand action and change from our leaders, and from ourselves! We must get honest about what is at the base of this epidemic. It is hate and fear manifested as racism.

America, needs to wake up to the symptoms and realize that this hatred and fear has always been in our DNA. It has gotten better at hiding, and morphed into a more “acceptable” form like politics but it is the same ole cancer that will destroy the soul of our country if allowed. The President, is not all to blame. After all, he was put in the Whitehouse by a nation that was willing to ignore his rhetoric. This hatred and racism has come out of hiding. This ugly monster has shown how terrible it can be as its slaughters innocents at churches, schools, and stores and anywhere it can find a crowd. Because it is simply hate and it seeks to kill and destroy. It is evil and cannot be tolerated or played with. For too long too many leaders and Americans have danced with and entertained hateful ideas.

Jesus said that hate is equal to murder. This is a truth that we have come to see demonstrated through shootings almost daily in our nation. We can blame guns, mental health, video games or any other medium that we want but the truth is hate allowed will kill and destroy. Don’t get me wrong our love for guns speaks strongly of our fear and racism as well. But I will save that for a future post.

My purpose for this post is not to simply blame the cast of obvious suspects, because that is too lazy and lets the rest of us off too easy. We must all take responsibility for our part and search each of our own hearts for any and all racism that cleverly hides behind justified feelings and ideas, which is still simply the same cancer as what the shooters carried in their hearts. Racism is cancer and it will always kill and destroy. Don’t be deceived! Wake up America! We Are Better than this! Hate Will not Win!

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