the Struggle is real…..

I haven’t posted much lately because I have been really battling with anxiety and depression. Sometimes we dont talk about the real stuff in our lives. So I thought I would share. My faith is more than just what I believe. It is what enables me to survive. Faith is like that, powerful but messy!

Survive what you might ask?

* Survive the times when my anxiety hits out of nowhere and is overwhelming
*Survive the negativity of this world and all the hatred that bombards social media

*Survive the judgement of self-righteous haters who are far from solving their own life problems but still choose to address mine.

* Survive the falling short of the church

*Survive the frustration with the lack of human connection in my life and loneness.

In Life the Struggle is real. People who dont struggle, lie! We all struggle but thankfully I have a faith the grounds me in my struggle or yanks me back after my struggle. A faith that serves me well!

If you are struggling, know you are not alone. Also know you dont have to struggle alone! God is faithful and reach out to someone who can be God with skin for you!


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