Places and Action! plus surrender…

There are not many things in life, that are not settled. As I mature, I realize I know less and less which is ok. Absolutes, make me nervous. My faith serves me best in the regions of questions. Now I am not speaking of anti-science or just naive faith. I am speaking of, things in life where scripture provides us a glimpse but not really a definitive look or answers. There are many things Christians have formed firm beliefs about that are only based on ideas or guesses and that’s ok, if you understand, your ideas may turn out as errors. We don’t have to have it all figured out, to have faith, In fact faith is only faith when based on unclear non-absolutes.

Scripture is like a script. It is a story and God reserves the right to do a re-write. It is an unfinished work and we are part of this creative process. Today and everyday of our lives we get to be a co-worker in this process. So don’t judge me yet. I was chosen for this part, but I am still developing my role and understanding of it.

This understanding lends itself to a life of surrender. I trust, because I know the heart of whom I Have placed that trust. I may not know all the answers, but I do know that heart of God and it is Good and Loving! God works all things (even the bad stuff) out for my good.(Romans 8:28) This enables me to take the next step without seeing the staircase. I also try not to dictate to the Director, how the script needs to play out. I simply seek, my part in the next scene and surrender the big picture to God who knows best.

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