Why so Angry and Hopeless?

I would like to believe that people are inherently good, but then I go on social media and question my belief. But it also brings me to another, question, why are so many so angry? What are we so scared of?

As a Christian and believer, I believe that Good is stronger than evil. Love is what life is all about and Hope is, well our only hope.

But when I hear many talk about their faith, it seems to rest on fear. They speak of the end times, like we are all on this plane, headed for the mountain side and if you know whats good for you, you better get right, before the end. It also seems what you believe is more important that how you live.

Now this may hold more sway, over me, if I could see a huge difference in the lives of those who hold such ideas. However, most are miserable, barely holding on and slaves to many of the same things that the “Lost” are.

I ask a few questions:

Where is Hope?

Where is Joy?

Where is Love?

Where is the difference?

Where is the Good News?

If you take what many preach, the gospel is, escaping hell and wrath of god, by believing the rights things in order to go the heaven and spend eternity.(lower case “g” and “h” was on purpose to point out, these do not represent the Real!) To be honest, if that gospel, is right, I don’t want to go to a heaven where all of these miserable people are headed. I can’t handle a service with them, much less eternity.

Instead, I propose a different Gospel:

Where is Hope?
In a God who knows us best and yet loved us still and has promised to walk with us through all of our life and work out the bad for our good.

Where is Joy?
Found in the discovery that we are God’s beloved and accepted just as we are.

Where is Love?
Those who are forgiven much, loves much! Because of the great love, I have been given, I have nothing but Love to give!

Where is the difference?
My life is a journey, and as I grow in understanding of God and God’s Grace, it propels me to be an instrument of service and love to others. My life’s mission is not to try and make you believe like me but to demonstrate God’s Love through service!

Where is the Good News?

It is found in the message that in spite of human failure, God never lost the Love that God has had for us. We are and will always be God’s beloved. God has not spared any cost to bring us into full relationship with Gods self! Nothing can or shall separate us from God’s Love.This Love has brought us a Hope and Salvation from self, Fear, Anger and a hopeless world, to a life of Hope!

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