Say What?……No Lord!

Acts 10:9-16

There is what we believe God means and then what God actually means. Many of us have spent years developing our ideas and beliefs about God, Life and religion. One of the most powerful things you can do, is admit you could have got a lot wrong.

In the above text, we find Peter spending sometime with God in prayers on the rooftop. While there, God showed him a vision, of food that was forbidden and considered an abomination on a sheet being lowered. Then God comannded Peter in the vision to Rise, Kill and eat!

Say What?………(dramatic pause)

“But Peter said, No Lord, who I have NEVER eaten anything UNCLEAN……..

God said, “What GOD has CLEANSED, You Must not call UNCLEAN!”

In other words, Peter, you got it wrong! You Peter, have heard it said……But I say unto YOU!

Now up to this time, no Gentiles (Non-Jews) were accepted in the church. They were considered unclean. God was about to set the church right and tell them, they had to accept who God accepts, not who their religious ideas or beliefs taught them to accept.

No One but God gets to say, who God accepts! If you are a LGBTQ+ person who puts your faith in Christ, you are accepted in the Beloved and you are His Beloved! You are not second class or less than. You have the same calling, purpose and rights of anyone else in the Family of God. Those who say otherwise, are wrong and are still in need to be set right by God.

There is no one who is excluded for the Love of God, this is why it is the GOOD NEWS! It is for Whosoever wants it! There is a movement of God of LGBTQ+ people of Faith that are rising up like never before in history. They are preaching a message that the church general has forsaken and many have forgotten.

This is not my view, belief or Opinion. This is the work and move of God. I can admit I was wrong, when i judged even myself. Can you?

In the above text, God goes on to demonstrate that those thought of as “unclean” by the church then, was not only clean but now empower by the Holy SPirit and he now lived inside them.

The church proper has been wrong about many things:

to name a few.

Its ok to get it wrong, but it is not okay to stay wrong!

Peace to all!

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