Get Your Hopes up!

Today, I was meditating on my devotions and the thought occurred to me, “why do we fear failure so much?” We tell each other, “don’t get your hopes up!” Like we can or should never experience disappointment or failure. How will we learn or take risks?

If we never get our hopes up, we are not living. Life is messy and risky. Sometimes we get it right and when we don’t, we learn and look for a better way. We look for something we lacked or someone who knows more. We need that kind of heart today. One that is hopeful and willing to admit when e need help and search for a better way.

During a conversation with a co-worker this week, I said, “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year”. What I meant was with all the division, strife and negativity in our world, I just wasn’t feeling it. But upon reflection, I realized that the world wasn’t much different on that first Christmas. In fact one could argue it was much worse.

But that was the time, God chose to wrap All Love, Hope and Salvation in a delicate package of a baby. All of our hopes and salvation lay in a manger. It was an unlikely way to introduce Salvation and Love. Nevertheless, God does things in unlikely and easily overlooked ways sometime. Unless you are looking for it, you may miss it.

May this Holiday season, find you looking for God’s miraculous love and miracles. May you get your hopes up and may you find your heart and life fulfilled and overflowing!

Peace and Hope!

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