We are better than this…..and Can do better than this!

There are two powers at work in our world today. One is fear and the other is Love! Now I will let you in on a secret, Love wins always in the end. But that does not mean Fear is not wrecking havoc in our world.

Fear, produces hate and is based on a perceived threat. It will cause people to act and sometimes do unimaginable things. It also is a powerful tool that some use over people. Religions, and politicians have done it for years. You see it today in political ads. If people can be convinced of a threat they will vote or support from a place of fear. This manipulation gives some the end result their agenda requires.

For example, right now there is a “Caravan” of refugees who have left a violent home in search of a safe, secure home for their families. Which not only is this a familiar story of our forefathers but is also the basic human desire of us all. However, some are trying to paint this group as a threat. Saying this caravan contains “Terrorists, violent gang members” etc. This narrative produces fear and then those who believe the rhetoric have only one choice, Fight this “invasion” to protect their own tribe or group. That is how fear works. When fear sees the Other, it worries about this threat to its own groups safety. It perceives attack and therefore justifies its own actions that fall far short of benevolence. This is born out of a violent human history. This history caused us to fear our neighbor and therefore lead to anxiety, strife and war. This is why Christ says to hate our brother is the same as murder. One brings about the other.

Love on the other hand produces hope. This hope causes faith in a future, better than the past. The Christian faith was built on such a foundation of hope and Love. When Love looks at the other, it sees our commonality and unites to build a better life. Love gave us a message of good news. Another way of living, a different kind of Kingdom or tribe that did not have to fear but rather could boldly forge a new way of living and loving our neighbor. This new tribe is about loving and helping our neighbor. It believes that when we help one another, we all are stronger. This new tribe, was formed by God to be a blessing and source of hope for the world.

We are better than many of the voices, rhetoric and violence that we are seeing in our world today. However, we all must choose the better way. We must have hope and change our rhetoric and believe in the better angels of our nature. No one is immune to the negativity of fear. We cannot surrender to fear, hopelessness or buy into the rhetoric. If we do, we become part of the problem. We will reap violence if we sow fear. We will reap a harvest of Goodness if we sow Love. Nobody escapes this Law. From the Whitehouse to your house and your neighbors house, this Law is working everyday as sure as the law of gravity.

It begins by changing our words, thinking and actions and allowing the contagiousness of Love to catch on. Everyone thrives in hope and Love!


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