Be not conformed, but rather transformed…

Yesterday in my devotional time, I was taken to Romans 12:2

As I meditated (chewed on this for a while, allowing it’s full meaning to speak to me) I saw this In a different light,than I had before. The CSB version, uses the word, “age” in the place of the word, “world”. The world or age we live in is the present time, and this present or modern time, has many challenges, that demand our attention.

We live In a very divided, angry and political time. Everyone has an opinion, and feels obligated to share and in many instances, to demand agreement. If said agreement is not given, then it might result in being unfriended or may devolve into nastiness.

In the present political climate of name calling, devaluing, outright lies, and attacks it can be an overwhelming source of anxiety to simply try to stay informed of current events.

This present time or age, if allowed can change us. Our attitudes, relationships and mindset about life and each other can be molded into something less than our best. However, we do not have to be conformed by this present age.

We can be transformed by the Spirit of Love and Christ. We can have peace in the mist of the storm, but it won’t be easy. The writer of Romans, knows we will have to choose, either to conform orave transform. To be part of the problem, or rise above and be the change that this world needs. Life is not about ideals or beliefs but it is about relationships. This will not be a one time choice or fix, but one that we will wrestle with daily and even moment by moment.

We are not commanded to agree with each other, but we are commanded to love each other. I don’t have to agree with your politics, doctrine or view of mine, to value you and show respect. May all of us who follow Christ, allows His Spirit to transform our hearts and minds to see and demonstrate the value and worth to all people and lives we touch.


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