What is Trust? Who or what do you Trust? How does Trust behave? How our lives our transformed through Trust!

What is Trust?

Trust is assurance that something or someone is reliable and secure. It does not require thought or effort to work up, it simply is a peace that it is so. So many say they believe in God, but do we really trust God. Trust is what separates the real, from the simply professing. We all wrestle with doubt and fear at times, but there comes a time, when the issue is settled and we no longer have to think or worry about it, it simply is, and we rest in assurance and peace about it.

Trust comes by relationship not reasoning. When someone proves themselves over and over, they build trust in us. For me, I have seen God’s faithfulness over and over. My trust in God is built upon, this faithfulness and God’s Love demonstrated in our relationship, over and over. Not only when I did things right, but even when I missed it and didn’t deserve it.

I have difficulty trusting people, but my trust in God, is settled and I can even trust that no matter what circumstance or people bring into my Life, God will work ALL THINGS out for my good. Now that is someone worth my trust!

So how does trust behave? Trust lets go! Trust gives no thought, but surrenders it all into worthy, capable and willing hands! Not only is God able, God is willing!

When our faith rest in the faithfulness and trustworthy character of God, we begin to live surrendered lives in every aspect and this gives place for God, to enter each part of our life and transform it to fit His perfect, completeness and bring about wholeness.

May, your relationship be transformed by God’s Character through relationship and may God’s wholeness be manifested in your life.


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