Things I know for sure (Part 2)……Never Fear Truth

Truth can come in many different ways. God delights in getting our attention and directing our path to Good things. It is a false idea, that you cant know the Will of God. In fact God works very hard to get us to know, God’s will and heart. 

God does have a sense of humor. I have had God use a movie, a rapper, comedian, books, and any number of unlikely avenues to get truth to me. Even someone who holds ideas that I may not think of as remotley approved by God. I have been pleasantly suprised how, what and who God will use to speak to me and get the necessary information to me. I now no longer fear truth coming to me in different avenues. It has become an adventure to see just how God gets my attention. Someone might say, you better be careful, Mike. To which I say, I am still deserning and I test the messages, but Ilive my life by faith and not fear. Fear will cause you to miss so much, faith on the otherhand, causes so much to happen.

Spiritual truth is truth. No religion or teacher holds a monopoly on truth. If something is true, it works and holds up to questions. Many religious beleive we should never question. But in fact Faith and spiritual truth if real, is strong and can hold up to questions, and exploration. Dont fear checking something out. 


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