Trusting Hope

Life has a way of surprising us, sometimes in good ways, and other times not so good. Hope is that ability, that “super power” if you will that enables us to trust that all things (good or bad) will work out for our good. 

Scripture calls Hope the “anchor of our soul” and that is a good description, because it does keep us grounded and centered, no matter what goes on around us. Hope has been defined as “earnest expectation” but I would add, earnest expectation for good. It’s not about having all the answers, but it about a peace and assurance that no matter what, it will work out. It is a knowing that things will get better. 

It may seem Pollyanna but it is more than just a belief. It is a spiritual heart attitude that transcends belief, circumstance, fear, worry and if allowed it will transform a life until the substance of faith brings about the good that we want. It will transform our attitude, it will transform our negativity. it’s doesn’t mean you wont go through rough times or get tossed about by life. Like a ship, we can be tossed by the wind and waves but the anchor (our hope) holds us steadfast. It doesn’t mean we wont have doubts, fears or worries, but in our heart of hearts is a still small voice offering hope to calm our minds and hearts.

Hope will also hold our heart steadfast. It will keep us grounded, but it is not something that is rooted in us, it is rooted in Love. In God’s goodness. 

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