We are all worth it! 

Our value to God, to ourselves and even to the world is not measured by the money We have in or don’t have in our bank accounts. Nor is it measured by our age, appearance, performance or athleticism. It is based on the essence of who We are.  Not who I have been or based on my past success or failures but it is based on who I am at the core of my life and Spirit. 
Christ saw the value of others, not on what they could offer or how well they had performed in Life. He rebuked religion for missing the mark of looking at the heart and true value of a person. His message was a calling, a calling us higher, to a better way of life, not because we were such a failure but because He saw our true nature, our true essence and knew we are much more than we even recognize or can truly appreciate. 
Now very few have lived up to this potential, that is ultimate expression of the Glory of God, in fact we fall short more often than not, which is why we need Grace. Grace is the favor of God,  God believing in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves. It’s the Parent’s ability to see the true potential and talents in their child. It’s the coach, instilling a vision for more in their team, cause he knows what they are truly capable of. 
Christ didn’t die just so we can escape our failures and poor choices that deserve judgment, Christ died that we might live! He gave his life, to reveal to us, that we share a birthright of Abundant Life. We are more than we know or can appreciate but we can come to know, day by day, step by step through Grace what and who we truly are and not just for ourselves, but also we can then begin to see in others, this same potential. 

Whatever we say or do that ignores this inherent worth in ourselves or others, is missing the mark and falling short of a life that values the true gift of said life. We live in a world where we devalue each other with words, actions and indifference. This is living below our true potential and identity. We are truly better than that! 

A life of service is one that lives out the truth of our value. A teacher works to bring out the gifts of their students, a pastor lives to inspire their congregation to live out their potential, a leader exemplifies and leads their people to a better place. A boss helps their employees grow, parents, teach and empower their children to become the fullest expression of themselves and all of these, bring and manifest the Glory of God. 

When we fall short there is Grace, when we see someone fall, let’s be that Grace, because we are all worth it! 

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