How is your relationship with Life?

How is your relationship with Life? That may seem like a strange question, but if you stick with me, I think you will see where I am going with this.  Sometimes when we look at Life, we define it based on our past. In short we define our present and even our future based on our past experience in Life. Some see themselves as a victims or lock into a particular cycle of poverty, relationships or lack. Sometimes we blame our parents, past relationships, economics, political leaders, religion and many more. But underneath this blame and negative mindset is something much more debilitating. Our lack of trust or faith in Life. 

You see Life is more than just a journey of moments or a line of decisions. It is a person. God is Life. Deep within our selves is past our muscle and bone and personality, there is a force, an essence that is called life. We all are much more than what we can see or think. WHen you look into the eyes of a love one, when you hear the cry of a newborn or when you are greeted by a pet happy to see you, you are seeing life. In fact you are seeing a spark of the divine, the fingerprint of God. WHen we blame life, or accuse others for our failures, we are in fact blaming God. Many have negative feelings toward Life and toward God. Sure we blame others, but this anger is misdirected. 

I can blame my spouse, parents,  Boss, friend for their mistreatment of me, but the truth is, their imperfection, is apparent in all of us. The truth is they did not live up to the perfection that can only be found in God. Why didnt my parents love, support me, unconditionally, or why didnt my Boss take better care of me, or why wasnt my spouse faithful? Their lack of perfect performance or living up to the ideal definition of their role, is impossible for any human being. Our anger is really about being let down, by what only God can be. 

We can forgive others, because we all fall short of the Glory (Perfection) of God daily. However we need to allow God to heal the anger or underlying mistrust that in Truth is directed at Life or God. God is big enough to take it, and not only that but big enough to heal it and restore you to a place of where you not only change how you think about Life but will enable you to trust Life and fully embrace its goodness or Godness. This is the Abundant Life that CHrist spoke of. 
This is not to say, things dont go wrong in Life. But when you trust the Source of Life, you will know that in all things, He works it out for your Good!

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