There is no “Them” in Christ!

First I want to say, He died but now is alive for us! He died that we might live, and was raised that we may live!

Who for? For Everyone!

I can love my neighbor, because He died and was raised for them! They may not believe what you do, live like you do, or act like you do, but never the less, He died for them! They are more than your Neighbor, they are you Brother or Sister! Not because they know it or live like it, or subscribed to your set of beliefs, but Because Christ, made it so!

Your Atheist neighbor is your Brother
Your Muslim Neighbor is your Brother
Your Gay Neighbor is your Brother
Your aggravating Neighbor is your Brother

Not because you want them to be, or because they understand it, but because God Loved them and made it so! Yes we differ a lot from many of those around us, but One thing we have in common, Christ Loves us all and is Alive and working to bring us all into good standing with God! There is no “Them” in Christ! We are all One and belong to the same family in Christ! We are called to love each other into seeing and experiencing the fullness of what that means. There are no step children in the family of God! There are just some that do not know how much God has done for them, because of the great Love God has for them.

What if we began loving and treating everyone like they were redeemed by the blood of Christ and brought into the family!

I think it would change the world!

For such a thing he died, and was raised to bring to pass!

So Be It! Amen!

Peace In Him!

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