Auto Correct or Course Correction 

If your like me, Auto-Correct can drive you a bit crazy. But there are times when it is helpful. Life has an auto-correct as well. Recently, I had to allow an auto-correct in my life. There was no booming voice from “heaven”or no “Firey bush” but just a moment when I realized that what I had been doing was not working. You know where you find yourself repeating the same things and getting the same unwanted results. Well if this is you , like me it may be time for an auto-correct. 

Sometimes there are signs (usually there are, we just dont always recognize them) that are trying to get us to realize that we need a course correction. These usually are AHA moments (The situation and solution suddenly becomes clear) or OMG moments (circumstances hit us in the face with the consequences of our actions or lack of actions). We also can simply recognize that our course is not working and ask for a course correction. The Holy Spirit is always available to help us and set us on the correct course. There is no shame or judgement in this correction, just an uplifting call to a better way.

Does this speak to you? This posting may be your “Sign”. You get to decide whether it will lead to an AHA or and OMG.


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