What limits are in place in your life? What is keeping you from your purpose or potential? My friend, I want to remind you that God is limitless. You may be feeling anxious today, But God’s Peace is limitless and it belongs to you. It is inside you, but when our minds are focused on fears, doubts it clouds our awareness of this Peace that passes all understanding. Stop and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to allow this Peace to bubble up inside you. Maybe you feel lonely and it makes your heart ache. The truth is you are not alone and in face God is committed to finding you the right relationship. ASk the Holy Spirit to allow the Presence of God within you to make itself known to you and allow you to experience the Source of Love and from here, you will see and know clearly what real Love is and looks like. Perhaps you are feeling financially strapped and broke. However you have access to the Source of All Things. In Christ you are rich, but right now, your bank account doesn’t reflect that. The Truth is that God will lead you out of all of these places into His fullness. It takes simple trust and surrender. Ask and Allow God to lead you out of your limitation and into His Limitness! Gos will begin to show you things and open doors and opportunities that will seem to come out of nowhere. You will find favor with people who sometimes will not even know why, they help you. 

Your Life is limitless! 

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