Fear Not…..

It’s an ancient admonition, but could not be more relevant today! Like many, I watched President Obama give his farewell speech last night. I almost didnt watch, because I wanted to stay snug in my blanket of denial. However, his term is about to end. I teared up, laughed and took note of a lot of wise words, that hope we all heed. But as I look to the next President, I do not feel the pride, confidence or respect that I have had for the man in the office for the last 8 years. In fact,  like many, I look to the next president, with doubts, fear and worry. Will he remove the hard fought for rights of so many? Will he personify the rhetoric that he has shouted and tweeted for quite a while now? I do not have the answers, but I do know, what not to do.

As a Christian, who believes in Justice, I will not give in to the fear that is rising around us. I will instead, rise in Faith, Hope and Action. It is not enough to pray, God wants us to speak up, stand up and be change! I do pray for the man who will take office on January 20th. I do not wish him harm or ill. I do pray, for a heart change and for wisdom, but I know, that my prayer and desire for him, will not force him to do anything he is not willing to do as well. For me this is not simply politics. This is for the soul of our nation. Greed, prejudice, intimidation and fear are not what Life is about. We are better than this!

I will not too stand by and be silent. I will not pretend, wrong is right! I will vote, share, speak up, protest, sign petitions, post, share and exercise all of the resourses that God has blessed me with to ensure that Justice rules in the land. I will hold leaders and myself accountable for their actions and votes!  I will not be passive. I will not cower. I will not be intimidated!  I will Love boldly! I will preach Love and Justice boldly! 

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