You can never go back

There is a universal law that we understand to be true, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to go against it at times. Whether you are talking about a relationships,or the “Good Ole Days” or anything else, it is simply impossible to go back or backwards. Life is now and its momentum is always forward. We grow, evolve and are called upward, forward and unto better things.

The human mind seems to have a weakness when we remember. Many times we forget the bad and only remember the fond memories. The “Good Ole Days” do have some fond memories and good times, but there was some bad times too. There never has been a perfect time. There never has been a “Great Time”, there have been good moments, Great Moments but that is what life is, it is made up of moments.

The moments and life you find yourself in, may not compare to some of those great moments in the past, but if you want to grow into what God has prepared for your life, and your purpose he has called you into, you must answer the call of onward and forward, with Hope (earnest Expectation) and Faith (Trust in God’s Goodness and Love).

When the Israelites left Egypt, they did so with great hope and trust in a newly “elected” leader. However when times got rough or merely uncertain, they wanted to return to the familiar, the comfortable to their former life in Egypt. Now in truth, Egypt did not hold comfort or anything good for them, but they seemed to forget all the bad that was contained in the familiar and nostalgic. They longed for what they knew, above what they did not know. The fantasy is we remember the comfort of the past but many times choose to forget the pain of the past.

In these uncertain times with our Country’s election and with the nastiness of this season, we must not give into fear, and desire to return to the comfort of yesterday. We must forge on with Hope and Faith into true greatness which is ahead not behind. We must understand that Life takes courage to face our fears and uncertainties. It is in this courage that we can rise above the darkness of this world and make it a better place. America is a people, not real estate. Our failures of the past, are the failures of people. Our mistakes of the past are the mistakes of people and our Greatness will be choices of people. Our politicians do not make us great, but the People who take our responsibility seriously and hold our leaders accountable is what will make us great.

I do not support a candidate that runs on and spreads fear, I do support an imperfect candidate, but my faith is not in a person, but in a Spirit that calls all of us to be better than we are, and promises us a better way. I choose to believe we are better than our past and nothing good comes from tearing others down, but lots can come from building others up.

These are the principles I live my life by, not merely during an election but in everything! Because this is the way Life works, we move forward and upward, because Life never goes backwards.

Grace and Peace!

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