The Lost Art of Listening

What has happened to healthy debate, discussions and relating to those around us. You don’t have to be very aware to see the skism and division that runs through our country and politics.

Now we are never going to live in a utopia where we all lock arms and sing Kumbaya while we have our arms locked and agree on everything. I for one would see that as unhealthy. Healthy discussions, debates are good for us and our society. The perspectives and points of view of others can be helpful to solidify or reveal flaws in our own thinking. We are stronger, when we share ideas.

Too many talk only to be heard. We post, shout or interrupt each other and take it personally when others don’t agree with us. We are so busy shouting we are right, that we don’t make room for the idea, that we could be wrong or just partially right.

There is no better way to demonstrate value and worth to another, than by listening and hearing their point of views. Many times healing is found in simply being heard. Sometimes people do not need your wisdom or advice, they just need you to listen.

We can agree to disagree but first we must listen.

We jump to conclusions about the views of others. You may not agree with a political party’s position, or a movements or individual’s mode of protest, but have you listened before rushing to judgement.

Jesus said, “If you have ears to hear, then listen up!” (paraphrased)

Grace and Peace!

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