National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. I always tell people that ask me for advice that coming out is a personal choice and one that each person must make themselves. I do not believe in outing someone or pushing someone to come out. However there is a freedom to choosing to live authentically. There is a lightness and even a spiritual awakening to being true to who you are. But you will need support. You will need a safe place.

I am thankful to the friends God brought into my life and who have always been there for me. Actually, it was my experience that those I worried about most, were the most supportive and those who I thought I could count on were the very ones who left me.

Coming out is about Truth, its about honesty, its about fully owning who we are. It is not a threat to anyone. It is about learning to love oneself, accept oneself and even celebrating oneself.

One of my favorite Quotes is “The Glory of God Is a Human Being Fully Alive” St. Iraneus

Anything short of Fullness of Life, is short of God’s plan for you!

I refuse to live, less than who God created me to be, I refuse to just tolerate my Life, but I choose to Love it and celebrate it and I choose to affirm and celebrate the Life that is you as well!

If you are straight, gay, trans, Bi, or questioning…..Live your Life to its fullest! I promise if you do, it will get better!

Grace and Peace!

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