Limited or set free

We are many times limited based on our past or our worries about tomorrow. We carry the guilt, frustration or just the weight of past mistakes. We allow these to darken our today and color our tomorrow.

Our Past is just that past. It is simply a record of the past decisions, good or bad that we have made. We can carry the lessons of yesterday, but we need to let go of the weight. Many allow their past to define them. I was (fill in blank), so I am (Fill in Blank) and I will always be (fill in blank). But that is not true. You may have been (fill in blank) but the present moment is full of potential, promise and the Miraculous. When we look at the life of Christ, we see a record of Him meeting people, weighed down with their past. This took the form of mistakes, sins, health or simply poverty. They all had reasons to be where they were. But, when they meet the Christ, in that moment they had the opportunity for a major shift, in how they thought, believed and lives. That present moment, brought with it all the potential of Love’s provision for them.

What limits are you living with? What limits have you excepted in your life as the way it is? No, it may be the way it has been, it may be the way it looks like it will be, but it doesn’t have to be the way it is!

If you can just open your heart and mind to the possibility, that it can be different and better. Then you have opened yourself up to the Source of all life, Love and All. God has a better way for all of us. Now is the moment.

How to begin to live this:

1.) Let go of the past and forgive yourself and others for the mistakes and misdeeds of the past.

2.) Stop, seeing yourself, with the negative labels based on the past or the doubtful and worrisome ways you have foreseen for the future.

3.) Open your heart to receive the Hope, for Change, The Plan that God has for your life.

4.) Ask God to show you the way, and to transform your life to what it can be and not what it has been.

5.) Live each day, by recognizing that it can be more..and know you are loved, beyond measure!

6.) Put your faith in this Love and Goodness.

This moment is pregnant with potential! It is full of Grace and Power!

We can live in fear of the way things have been or we can embrace with Faith, what Life is meant to be! This will break the bounds of limitations and Set us free!


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