I choose a different focus….

I wanted to start today’s post when a simple but powerful truth. We get what we focus on. What we spend our time thinking about and focusing on, is what we bring more of in our life.

Recently I watched a video, where someone shared that what you “liked” or “shared” or “commented” on in Facebook, would be what Facebook would make sure you get more of on your newsfeed. In other words what gets your excited (in a good or bad way) would be multiplied in your news feed. This is also true in life.

I have made some simple adjustments in my life.

1.)I have took control of what I allow to be on my newsfeed of life.

2.) I have also stopped allowing other’s issues and problems to become mine. I will Love you and encourage you, but I will not feed on your negativity.

3.) I make a habit of feeding my soul, some good soul food and make sure to spend time with those who encourage me. First and foremost God!

4.) I seek to be an encourager and take special effort to make sure I am putting out Love and positive energy into this world.

5.) I choose everyday to create the Life God has ordained for me, which far surpasses what I could make for myself.

I hope that this will encourage you, to change your focus from what you don’t want, to what you do want!



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