I will pitch my tent in the land of Hope….

Today in scripture I read where David said, ” I will pitch my tent in the land of Hope….” speaking of putting trust in God. As we look around at all the divisions, anger, violence and death, it is easy to choose fear. However, this is allowing our lower nature to be in charge and leads to more of the same. If we choose (yes it’s our choice) a better way, if we choose Hope and trust, then we help make the change our world so much needs. 

It’s easy to speak and post words that amplify the hopelessness and divisiveness of humankinds lower nature. Many are doing that, because they have no hope or trust in anything greater than themselves. But if you believe in a God of Love. Then you already have hope. 

Putting our trust in this Love, changes us from fear to hope! 

When I look at the crisis and desperate times we are in, I hear a voice of hope calling out. I hear God’s Spirit calling us to a higher calling, a better way! 

We can choose the easy way of fear or we can allow the winds of change to lift us to a higher way of seeing the world, through the eyes of love and hope. We can see through the smoke of violence to a world were we unite and become the change this world needs. 

People of faith were always a group of strange people that looked beyond the way things seem to a better way, and instead of being conformed and molded by the way things are, they lived in a way to make this world what it was meant to be.

I choose today, to pitch my tent in the land of hope…….


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