Why do so many feel threatened by difference? Whether it is skin color, cultural ,religion, sexuality or even in opinion.

We do not need to build a physical wall, it already exists. There is a wall of division between people and ideas. Our Strength is at its best when we with open mind listens to those who differ from us. Wise people understand that we must surround ourselves with people who will challenge us and stretch us.

Everyone of us have strengths and weaknesses. We all benefit from listening and growing.

This is not to say there are not some positions that are inherently wrong (Hate, Racism, Fear) but most of these are caused by someone closing themselves off in mind, heart and understanding.

As I listened to the black mothers who had lost children to gun violence, I recognize, I do not fully understand what it must be like to have a black son, who I have to teach and be concerned by all the challenges he will face, simply because of the color of his skin. But I can understand, the heart of a parent and my heart breaks and eyes fill with tears as they share the debt of their loss. Thats a powerful commonality.

You may not understand the journey of challenges of a trans person. But we all share the same needs and hopes to live a fulfilled life, to be loved. Again what we have in common far outweighs our differences.

Fear is the enemy and it keeps us separate. The solution is simply listening and building relationship. Love, and mutual respect doesn’t cost much, but fear is costing us way too much.

So no matter who the “Them” is in your life, whether it is a different political party, race, sexuality or religion. Reach out! Start a conversation and get to know them. It will change you, them and the world we live in.



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