Pray for Peace….keep on keeping on!

It seems of late that the more we pray for Peace, the less there is in this world. However we must keep on Praying. We need peace and love more than ever. How do we respond to such violence and tragedy?

Why Thoughts and Prayer? There has been a lot of criticism for offering thoughts and prayer, when what we need is action. I understand the frustration of that criticism, but we first need to understand what thoughts and prayers can do.

When there is a loss and or such a tragedy like we have seen so much of around our world, we need to pause! We need to think! We need to pray!

First, we need to try and grasp what has happened. We are in shock and need to give our hearts and minds the mercy to start the process of absorbing the reality of what has happened.

Second, we need to think and be mindful of all that this means. The victims, their friends and families and the value and worth of all of us. So many times people jump on social media or politicians grant interviews, without taking the time to simply think. They then make assumptions or say things that are not helpful. Sometimes we turn on the news and begin to feed our mind, with all the opinions of others and the constant rehearsing of what they think happened. When, first we need to pause, think and then pray.

Why, Pray you may ask. Well first pray to get yourself centered. There is a strength and Peace that is beyond us or this world that we can experience if we simply pray. Human nature says “Fight or Flight” but our hearts and spirits whisper, pray. Connect with the strength that is bigger than us all.

Then as we learn more, hear more and talk more we will still need to practice this Pause, Think and Pray. Because we owe it to ourselves, to allow the anchor of Peace that comes from the Divine to steady us during the overwhelming tragedy and chaos of this world.

The Good news is that Peace Wins! I know its hard to see, but Hate intensifies when it gets desperate. Terrorist and violent criminals perform desperate acts out of desperation and impending defeat. It is truly the darkest before the dawn. But the clarity and vision of this kind of Hope can only come from the Divine. The Peace that passes understanding, belongs to you, Just Pause, Think and Pray.



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