We Owe it to ourselves 

As I look around our country, and world there seems to be a lot of anger and unrest. I can only guess that all the anger and hate is coming from a place of fear. We must get out of a divisive mindset. Whether we are talking about politics or religion, law enforcement, human rights, education, LGBTQ equality, there is an us and them paradigm. 

Some are taking advantage of our current mindset as a nation, and trying to use it for their own agenda. Some in our own  political process. Others around the world with extreme agendas, also has discovered, that America is in a place where we will do their fighting for them, and attack our own selves. This sounds more like a virus or cancer than just a mindset. Maybe it’s an apt description. 

Whether we are Republican or Democrat. LGBTQ or straight. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest or another faith. Black, white, Latino, or a different race. Law enforcement or civilian. We all must make our choice for our mindset. Do we allow the underlying fear and insecurity that has slowly periated our society since 911 allow us to distroy one another by focusing on and attacking our differences or do we build a bridge and seek to unite around our commonalities. 

America is its strongest when we are united. We are at our weakest when divided. A House divided will fall! We are faced with some serious issue and crisis today. If we really want to move forward into Hope and a more secure tomorrow, then we must change our thinking and relationships with one another.

Focus on the facts and then respect our differences, while celebrating our commonalities. Black Lives do matter! We have a problem of too many young black men being shot by police. This is a fact. We may disagree on the whys, but first we must agree there is a problem. Then start a respectful conversation that will stop these tragedies. There are very honorable men and women who put on a uniform everyday that risk their lives to protect us. But we must remove the fear of each other. 

We can continue to focus on our differences, and blame others for what’s wrong in our lives and country or we can change our mindset and focus on our commonalities and work together to unite around all of the issues and change this world we live in. But as long as we hide behind our own rhetoric and agendas, believing that anybody who disagrees with us are out to attack us, we are only slowly destroying our greatest strength, unity. 

Without unity, we are a declining nation, but with unity we are moving toward our greatest days. One need only to look at history to see that when divided we have been at our worse, when united we have accomplished great things. 

I can’t change you, but I can change me. We owe it to ourselves, to change the course of our nation. Whose to blame for where we are? We all are! 


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