Blame or Peacemaking?

It’s because of the Republican Party……..

It’s the gays…….

It’s the (fill in favorite group you don’t like here)………

This past Sunday, my Pastor, really was very hard on my ego. She had the audacity to preach a sermon that challenged my prejudice. Yes, even I a good progressive who believes #BlackLiveMatter and LGBTQ people deserve equality, still guards my pet prejudice.

Now,her sermon dealt with the story about the “Samaritan”and how in Jesus times these where the most despised and pre-judged people of the jewish people. She went on to say, that this story is not just about doing good to those in need, but it is about doing Good for those we despise.

Its easy to love those who agree with us…..its easy to blame those who do not…..But how difficult it is to get to know and learn to love them as well. To see, understand and heal their wounds. This is real love in action. Its easy to sit on the sofa or behind a keyboard and let the world know, about injustice by liking cute memes or giving our opinion about those we disagree with. But what about getting to know them, starting a conversation. It does not mean agreeing with them, or even changing them, but it does mean loving them.

Scripture teaches us to speak the truth in Love. This isn’t easy, because our ego (false self, full of prejudice formed by our life experiences) has its own agenda and God has a peaceful one. Speaking in Love means not speaking from anger, frustration and knowing our limits and when to be quiet as well as listening to the Spirit and knowing when to speak loving words given to us by God.

This is a work in progress. There are times when I succeed and there are many times I fail miserably, but the important part to to continue to grow and stretch.

We may never agree on everything, but we may find we have more in common than not. At the very least we will be a part of the solution, instead of the problem and have tried. Christ said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, they shall be called the children of God”. We have a huge vacuum of Peacemakers. We have a world that needs this. Its easy to spew anger. Its easy to blame. But being a Peacemaker, is not easy, but it is when we most look like our Heavenly Parent.



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