Knowing your limits….

I posted last about taking a break from all of the bombardment of negative information and giving my mind and heart a rest. Scripture tells us to guard our hearts and minds. We must know our limits.

 Most of us are on overload of information. We have so many passwords to remember, dates, what book and shows we have been told about. Our memory space is full of both necessary and even useless information. Then there is all the violence, and bad news. News media, drama shows, reality TV and the list goes on. Is it any wonder most feel overwhelmed and burned out. 

When’s the last time you took a break. Turned off all the devices that we have become addicted to? If I hear my phone ding, I have to check it….I mean it might be important. 

What did we do before being so connected? I know people who get upset, if you take a few minutes to respond to their text. These are the people who I have turned off the “read” notification. I have begun to allow myself more down time. I have begun to schedule play dates for myself.(time set aside just for fun and relaxation.) I have begun to take back my life and set limits.

I am a news junkie and love to stay up on current events, but I have also found the world does just fine, if I take time away from it. But even more importantly I do even better when I do. 

Do you know your limits? 

Maybe it’s time to set some……


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