Betrayed and lied about…..setting the record straight!

Have you ever endured the pain of being betrayed and lied about? Had someone say things about you that were untrue? Maybe even someone who doesn’t really know you, spread horrible untruths about you.

I know somebody who is in this exact situation. They have been misrepresented and had their reputation practically destroyed by lies and betrayal. You may have heard about them as well. I am talking about God.

Ever wondered why saying “God damn” is such terrible phrase. Its because it misrepresents God’s very nature and character. God is not the damner, God is the healer, the lover, the savior!

Well doesn’t God damn people to Hell? No! God is love and Christ himself, taught that God was the perfect loving father. Now as a father, my kids have disappointed me with their behavior before, but never have I wanted to punish them for eternity, much less with everlasting fire. This is what religion teaches, to control and manipulate people and then they put it on God.

God is Good. God is better than the best version we could ever be and yet some teach, and preach and attribute the worst of human characteristics on God.

I learned a long time ago, that my religion fell short and God is much bigger and a lot better than the way I was taught.

I don’t know where you are at or how you got there, but I want you to know, that God loves you and wants you to know the truth about this love for you. God cares about the smallest details of your life to the greatest. God has a  plan for your life and it is for the best life you could have. Now I am not saying we will not have rough times or suffering, But you can put your faith in a love that is bigger than any problem. Any and all faith in God must be based on God’s love. Allow God to remove the shame, judgment, guilt that others have put on you wrongly using God’s name and let God reveal, what real Love can do.

You are not alone, and you Preallyhave someone to put your hope and trust in…..





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