Hope or Hate will frame our future

Like many, I was amazed at the vote in Great Britain. I thought our neighbors across the pond were more tolerant and progressive than we. I have read and heard their criticism of Trump and was embarrassed. However, it turns out that the Brigit vote was fueled by the same monster that Trump has been stirring  up in America, since his campaign began.

Brixit was fueled by racism and hate. When a people vote out of anger, racism and hate, it will destroy economies and security. There has been a backlash of hate aimed at refugees and immigrants in Britain since the vote and it breaks my heart.

Our country was built upon diversity. Now racism is not new or dead in America. However, we need to remember that this melting pot and diversity is our strength. Our unity is what makes us strong. Our differences add to our greatness.

We can vote for our Country to continue to be hope on a hill or we can give in to fears and hate and become another example that hate does not win!

I choose Love, Hope and Faith! As I look at the energy and zeal of our young people, I think America has a bright future, lets not mess this up for them!

In the 2008 election the theme was Hope, that was a movement that was more than about a man, it is about a people, the American people!


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