What are you for?

Recently I was listening to a podcast(Rob Bell’s podcast “Robust”) which featured Richard Rohr, who I love to hear and read. There was a statement made that really resonated with me. To paraphrase it went something like this, “People understand and focus more on what they are against than what they believe or are for”.

This made me think of all the post you see in social media, and how so much of it is attacks, criticisms and negative. Most people fear the different, those who are not like us or do not agree with us. We hardly ever discuss what we share, have in common or promote. Many Christians can’t explain what or why they believe, unless they are expounding on what they are against.

During, the last season of American Idol, I truly loved La Porsha. That girl can sing. Only after the finale episode, did it come out that she disagrees with GLBTQ “lifestyle” and holds to the dangerous and outdated belief that it is a choice. Now although, I am disappointed that the singer, I adore and voted for over and over all season, holds these ideals, it does not change the fact that she is a very talented artist. What do we do with this.

For me, I must recognize that somebody not seeing things as I do, does not make them less of a person. It may mean they are less enlightened in a particular facet of life and the experience of others, but there value as a human being still must be respected and loved. That is not to say, it is easy or that we should not lift our voices to enlightened those who are blind to our plight. But can we do so respectively and with Love.

I also recently had a “political discussion” with some people I care about. I usually don’t go there, because I know we disagree. But it was refreshing to have a civil and intelligent discussion and still respect what we have in common. I don’t think I changed their minds and I know they didn’t mine, but we did both receive more understanding and maybe even a little more respect for each other.

Many churches also preach and yell what they are against. But the truth is, our lives change based on what we are for and accept. My job is to share Good News. To encourage, edify and lift you up. I pray that God will help us all with our errors and ignorances, because we all have them.

What am I for, I am for you! I am for you reaching your highest potential and finding the life that God has prepared for you!

Another part of this podcast shared that a Neuroscientist shared a study with Richard Rohr that demonstrated that negative thoughts and messages effect us immediately, where positive and affirming messages must be meditated on for at least 15 seconds in order to change us. Is it any wonder why there is so many problems with stress and depression. I am making an effort to make my post and life more about promoting whats good and what I am for than what I am against. Yes, I am against hate, prejudice and injustice, but promoting Love, Equality and justice is more powerful and more likely to be received and heard.



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