Craving answers….

What do we crave?

  • comfort
  • fulfillment
  • peace
  • acceptance
  • love
  • purpose

How do we satisfy these craving?

  • food?
  • sex?
  • relationships?
  • money?
  • power?

Why do we crave?

Cravings are not bad, they are just the voice of our needs. They are the cry of our soul. If we listen and respond in a correct way, our life becomes fulfilled. If we deny, ignore or look to something unhealthy or try to meet the need with something out of balance, problems arise.

What do we crave?

The short answer is God. In Christ we find all the things that we crave, When we look to God as our source for all of life’s needs, everything else in our life can balance.


If I look to food for satisfaction or to comfort my emotions, (which I have been guilty of ) it only temporalily (very temporarily) comforts, but it does create a more impacting condition, which for me can be described as a “spare tire” and sets me up for health problems and limitations in my life.

If we look to sex, it impacts relationships and emits them of what they could be if pursued in a healthy way.

Money and power can help us, but if it becomes our focus, it will diminish the quality of our lives. We are meant for more than what money can afford in our life.

None of these things are wrong in themselves. But if they are our focus or goals we can get unbalanced and this things that can be a blessing to us and others, instead bring about troubles and rob us of the Quality and Abundant Life that Christ has promised. But when we understand that these craving can only truly be met spiritually, then we gain balance and perspective to keep them in check and we reap the true rewards.




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