How do you see it?

How do you see yourself, How do you see others?

Through the eyes or possibility or through the eyes of judgement?

We all make judgments. These judgements can be based on experience. beliefs, appearance, fears, doubts or simply ignorance of truth. However there is a spiritual life principle that judgment puts into motion. We actually bring on ourselves the very judgement we place on others. Which include the verdict, sentence and punishment that goes with it. That why Christ taught, DO NOT JUDGE!

It works the same as forgiveness. When we forgive we set ourselves free, when we judge we imprison ourselves. When we judge or label our life based on the past or  our experience we lock ourselves away from possibility . What many of us define as our lives is simply the stronghold of our pattern of thinking based on our perception or judgments of our life. When we open ourselves to possibilities and a new way of thinking, we can then be set free to live a life full of possibility.

Judgement is one of the most difficult part of our humanity to overcome. It is an everyday work. But not kept in check, it also brings humanity’s worse conditions. Slavery and racism was born out of judgment. Nazi concentration camps came from judgments that others were less than. Persecution, oppression and many other “evils” come from humankind wrongly judging others.

The truth is, we are not qualified to judge each other, and in fact we are commanded not to. I cannot know your heart. In fact I am not even qualified to judge myself. When I do, i sometimes sentence myself to live a life far below what God has planned for me.

There are times when a lower court makes a mistake or needs a higher court to settle a case or issue. We always need to look to someone higher (God) to reveal to us the truth, This truth then in turn lifts us above how we were living to a higher way of living and a higher purpose.

When we look at the circumstances of our lives and the lives of others, lets look past labels, judgments and lets open our mind and heart to possibilities …….this is the first step to change.



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