Possibility (Part 2)

Today, I want to discuss the power of possibility in creation. Sometimes we look to something tangible to define possibility. If you had 1 million dollars deposited in your bank account, no doubt you would instantly be able to think of possibility. If you found out that your secret crush, really had serious feelings for you, oh the possibilities. If there was an announcement of a cure for the condition or disease you battle with, this would hold out promise for new possibilities. I can’t define what possibility you need, or hope for. But I can say, there is possibility for you.

The first step is the thought of possibility. It may look impossible, but if you can embrace the idea that this is possible, it can transform your life. I am not talking denial or simply positive thinking. I am talking looking to something and someone bigger than your seemingly impossible situation or life. Real Hope and Faith are born out of Love. I can trust God, because God is Good and Love. I can make the transition from with God this is possible to God is also willing to make this a reality in my life.

Its easy to get discouraged in life, which simply means that life has emptied us of our courage for living. It is easy to then define our life by lack, doubt and negative expectation. However if we can embrace the truth, that Life can be good and there is a plan for our success (Jeremiah 29:11), we can then being to look for transformation. We will then begin to the miraculous. We will then be open to allowing God to speak into our lives, putting into our hearts, God’s very thoughts, which will produce creative miracles, bringing order to our chaos and filling the empty voids in our lives with purpose and fulfillment.

1.) Be open to possibility

2.) embrace God as Good and Love

3.) Know that God is able and Willing

4.) Begin to imagine possiblity (what does it look like?, What would your life look like?)

5.) Embrace hope, being to expect

In part 3 we will look at Hope and Patience’s part in the process of creation of possibilities…..




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