Possibility (Part I)

What is possible?

In order to understand what is possible you must understand the power of creation and miracles. Miracles are part of the creation process.

In scripture, we are told that the Spirit of God hovered over the deep void and emptiness. Some translations, call it chaos. Sometimes we look to what we don’t have or the difficulty of the situation and allow it to define possibility. However, the power of creation, miracles or abundance comes out of these very places. You may have great need, or be going through rough times, or your life my be shambles, however this is the stuff miracles are made from.

What was creation? It was a thought that God had. It brought about all that you and I know as creation. Whether it be the cry of a newborn baby, or the sunset from an island paradise or the millions of galaxies that we see in a clear nights sky. Life is miraculous. When you are truly living, you should have the expectancy of miracles, for this is the definition of hope- “An earnest expectation.”

What hope or desire for your life do you have? Last night was one of the biggest power ball lottery jackpots in world history. No matter what you think of gambling, no doubt you heard the wishes, dreams and hopes of people who lined up for their shot at “The Life of their Dreams!” But setting lottery money and things aside for a moment, what would the Life of your dreams entail? Maybe it is getting debt free or finding that special relationships, or transforming the one your in. Maybe its healing of family relationships or finding a job that fills you with purpose.

We will continue looking at the how in part 2 but I want to end today’s post with this one seed:






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