All or Nothing- Ouch!

This week I suffered my second injury this month from  trying to get healthier. The problem is I have always been an “all or nothing type of person.” I get very competitive with myself and so what starts out at FULL speed ahead and ALL that I have got… ends up being nothing. I am taking a few days to rest my knee and allow it to heal. It wasn’t a serious injury but it was irritated from the strenuous ruitine  I forced it into of late.

I remember a physical Ed coach, teaching us to begin the race with a good steady pace and not to allow to runners who try to resemble a cheetah at the get go, set our pace. Because its the first finisher that wins not the fastest starter.

Perfection is not the goal, living a steady life of growth and improvement is. God meets us where we are and takes by the hand and leads us where we are meant to be. Its about growth, and slowly surrendering the brokenness in our life to one who can transform us. Its about small steps and progress. Forcing myself to walk 5 miles per day, injured me, but walking 2 miles per day would be progress from my usual daily activity. I may want it all but small steps of progress will get me there. I am not where I want be in life, but I am not where I use to be.


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