What do you see?

Today I read a quote from Wayne Dyer,”I am a reflection of my Source, which is Magnificent in all ways”.

This made me think, do I really? I must apologize and confess that too often, others do not see my Source (Christ) but they see me living life from myself as my source. This gets me in trouble, because I am full of insecurities, fears, vices, and things I would rather not put on display. I know we all deal with this.

Jesus compared himself to a vine, and when you as branches draw from Him as the our Source, our quality of life improves. But when we don’t, our life drys up and does not produce fruit. Now I say this not to bring on guilt for myself or anyone. Because in Christ, there is no condemnation. But acknowledging the source we are living from, can and will make a huge difference in the Quality of our life.

You do the arrive at this and then it is settled. This is a daily practice, a daily choice and mindset. This is what Christ meant about “denying self, and taking up our cross. My ego and false self that is rampant with fear, anger, vice and just plain ugliness is always with me. But it is not the real me. It is just the me, I am use to. Its ways are familiar to me. When I gossip, its because its a habit born from my ego, When I judge, it makes my ego feel better about itself. But I can daily choose to live from a better source and higher way of living. I will daily bare the cross of my ego, but it doesn’t have to control my life. I can look to the real Source of Life at any moment and choose life. I can reflect Christ in a dark world. Not because I am so great, I am only reflecting His greatness.

I can make this choice, even mid sentence of an ugly statement. I can choose Love, mid thought of an ugly thought. I can change my words mid sentence, my thoughts mid-thought or ugly actions mid-action. This is denying self. I can choose to change what I am reflecting mid-reflection. How many times, have we said, “I know I shouldn’t say this, but….” we just made a choice to reflect a source……which source is the question?

Dear Lord,

May I reflect your Love and not myself. Your thoughts transform the world, my thoughts, opinions and actions do not have such power. So may we be your mouth, hands in this world. May people see you in our reflection.



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