Doing Our Work….(Part 2)

As I daily take up my cross by denying my false self to rule in my life, I find that my life takes on a different trajectory and “miracles” and “coincidences” seem to happen more. I find a patience, a grace and a peace as I face the challenges of life. This is what Living is meant to be.

Living from our false self is about fear. Fear of what may happen, what others may do or not do. This causes me to protect myself and make choices that are more about me, than the greater good. If I fear lack, i will not give to those who are in need. If I fear rejection, it will effect how I relate to others in relationship. If I am not secure in my faith, or life, I will attack yours. This is the fruit of a life lived far below our potential.

This fear based living from our false self or ego, cause us to rely on coping mechanisms. This is were our vices come from. We relay on food, drugs, sex or other things to bring us comfort. Because we do not trust God as a Loving Source that has our best interest at heart. We can try and live in denial or try to escape the pain, hurt or difficulties in life instead of trusting for the Grace that will take us through to the other side.

Now we all battle with doubts and fear. This is the work that we must do. I would ask, how is the way you have been living, working for you? There is a better way. This better way is not about being religious or some fruitcake for Jesus, that is so heavenly minded that they are not earthly good. Faith is practical. It meets people where they live. Jesus met people at the point of their greatest desperation and crisis. If faith can’t face the real challenges of life, its useless. Much of religion is useless and obsolete. It is more about man’s fear and attempt to control others to make themselves feel safe. This is not what Jesus came for. He didn’t say, I have come to give you a religion that will make you miserable. He did say, “I have come that you may have Life”.

Living is not about yesterday, It is not about tomorrow. You are living today, now this moment. Now how we are living, is the choice we all must  make. Many of us are only surviving and getting by. There is a better way!

Ask, Christ to meet you were you are. Give your worries, fears and concerns to Him. Ask him to help you find the Life, you hunger for. Begin to look for His hand, and opportunities to appear in your life. By the way, no one deserves this, But he has made it available to EVERYBODY! He is not looking for the perfect. He is looking for the flawed.

We must first begin the work, by admitting we need and want more. I am not ok, your not ok, but thats ok, ok? Begin were you are…….no telling where you will end up!




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