Declutter- And LIVE!

This holiday season, I have began the process of decluttering my life. This is a spiritual practice. Cleaning out our physical, emotional and spiritual clutter, lifts us up and makes our live much more enjoyable.

I have been shredding old bills and papers, cleaning out my closet and donating clothes and stuff I do not need. I have also been letting go of the things that I cannot control and weigh me down. I  do what I can (forgive, change my mindset…etc.) and surrender the clutter and chaos to God that I cannot do anything about. I have made a commitment to release the negativity of others that I have allowed to attach themselves to me like dust bunnies.

This is a work in progress, but the more you do, the lighter you feel. I am looking to 2016 as a year of progress and I am making space for the life I want. Only I can choose and control what I allow into my life. I choose to throw out the Chaos and embrace the “better things” for my life.

This is not about denial of things I don’t like in my life. This is about not allowing these things to define or become my life. Its about looking these things in the face and saying, I recognize you as something that I want to rise above. I will transform through it all. I will come out better than I was. I will get rid of the clutter ( a nicer name for garbage) that in th east I had accepted and embraced. I will not settle for life as defined by others or circumstances. I will transcend all that life brings and use it to become and live the life God has for me.

This is not about some future event or time when things will fall into place, its about living it now. You are alive now- so how are you living? Personally I have lived below whats available- But no more!



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