Why so Serious?

“It is hard work and great art to make life not so serious.”

– John Irving

I read this Quote this morning and it fit into one of the truths that have been marinading in my soul for a while now. I was reading Father John McNeal’s book and he was discussing how play is part of our human experience. How we elevate work to a higher importance, when in fact both work and play must be a part of our lives.

As children, play is our purpose and mission in life, but sometimes when we become adults, we allow work to become our sole purpose and we begin to take life to serious. Now we all know those people who take life too serious and those who don’t take it serious enough. A happy life, is one where there is a balance. Some of the happiest people a know, have a healthy play life. They have hobbies and activities they enjoy simply because they enjoy them.

Now I suppose if our work could also be play, that might be the perfect situation, but I suspect that when play and work lines are blurred, it stops being balanced and healthy and just becomes work.

For those who enjoy work, it becomes hard work and an art to learn to add play. But it is a mark of a balanced life to have both.


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