Christian, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Such a needed understanding. We all grow, learn and change.

john pavlovitz

Fear can make you freeze.

Worse than that, it can make you silent.

The first time I questioned my theology, I mean really questioned it I was flat-out  terrified. Not terrified of God, per se (because I figured God being God an all, was more than big enough to handle my assorted queries), but the people of God.

Like many Christians, I found myself within a spiritual community that while extremely loving, seemed at the end of the day highly conditional. I received acceptance and inclusion of course, but it always felt as if these things were most predicated on me believing what I was supposed to believe. I was made a beloved insider primarily by virtue of my traditional religious convictions.

In other words, my orthodoxy was my membership card in the Club, affording me the perks and privileges that came along with it. As long as my theology didn’t waver greatly from the party line, I remained securely…

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