Doing the Hard things…..part 1

Sometimes life brings us into a place of hard times. These are difficulties and challenges that we must face with Faith and Truth. These ” Hard Times” do not mean that we are outside of God’s Love or favor. A successful Christian Life means growth and not trouble free living.

Hard times can be brought on by poor choices, or parts of our lives that we need to bring balance to. For example many health problems are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle as many financial problems are due to poor financial choices. However, some are simply life and these challenges bring us to a place for growth and transformation. The truth is that no matter why the hard times have come, God’s grace, mercy and Love is available to bring us through and into a stronger place in our life.

God’s plan is not to enable us to bypass hard times, God’s plan is to lead us through them and out of them. Much like a weight lifter must do the hard sweaty work to build muscle and get stronger, Life will do the same if we face it with Faith and God.

Many times Christians blame “the devil” for hard times. They look at hard times as an opportunity to lose and become defeated. God wants us to understand that everyone in life faces hard times. What is important is not whether they come or not, but how we face them. We can try to resist and pray them away. Bu this is a form of denial and will only lead to suffering and frustration. We can also, face them head on with prayer and faith and allow God to give us wisdom and strength to go through them and come out victoriously.

Even the hard places that we created by our poor choices, God wants to show us the way through and out. The place you find yourself in, is no surprise to God. God knew you would be here and has already planned for your successful journey out. All we must do is partner with God and allow God to begin this process.

What are the things that are keeping you from the Life that God wants for you? These are probably hard things that maybe you have ignored or don’t know where to start. Just begin by recognizing what they are and ask God to help you and give you the first step. God will lead you one step at a time until you are out of this hard time.

The first step my not and probably will not be easy. If it was you probably would have already done it. But doing the hard things in life bring out the beauty in life and set us up for the life that God has called us to.

Now, I also want to be clear. Getting through and out of today’s hard times, is not the end of hard times. There will always be challenges and struggles. This is proof that you are alive. Its our attitude and state of heart and mind that we get us through.


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