Making a Difference….


I saw this quote today, and it sparked me thinking. We know that we have a God placed desire to make a difference in our world. When we pay things forward, it nourishes our soul. There is no better way to get out of our own self focused identity than reaching out to make a difference.

However, in our society, and with technology, we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are making a difference. Social media has become a great way to get the word out about all kinds of issues. However, simply clicking “Like” or “Sharing” a post is not the same as real action. The same as giving a dollar in a donation jar, is a wonderful act of charity but if we really want to make a difference, it will take real action. I think some of the above actions, relieve that desire to do good, just enough that now we can feel good about ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, they are not bad things, I am simply saying that is we really want to make a difference and we are called to do just that, it will take much more. It will take action, getting our hands dirty.

Charity is great, but Justice is what is needed. Sometimes the cause of Justice is not popular. Justice is the making or setting  things right.  This is a work of God and we are a part of this work. Its about real change. We as followers of Christ, are called to live our lives as He did, seeking opportunities to demonstrate His Love and settings right where we can. Make a real difference.

Living our lives to make a difference is not lived out of simple duty, but it is living from the Love of God that we enjoy and know. This Love compiles us- to Do! This is what the Christian Life is really about- following Christ and doing Good where we can. Sometimes that involves a simple act of charity (donation, smile, word of encouragement, etc) Sometimes it involves a greater investment of time, effort and commitment.

All we need to do, is become willing to make a difference and make ourselves available and the opportunities will come….

Open our eyes Lord that we can see the world as you do

May we see the opportunities for demonstrating your Love to those around us

May we be your hands, feet and voice, in a world desperate for Hope



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