It’s not all about you……

In religion today we hear a lot about “your personal relationship with God”, ” my beliefs ” and ” what God has done for me” and although these things definitely are important to you and make a direct impact on your life, the life of Faith is not all about you.

There is a big picture that we sometimes miss. Don’t get me wrong, God cares about the little picture as well. ( after all he knows the number of hairs on Your head) but we need to allow the personal to be transcended by the big picture. 

God wants to impact the world. God wants to demonstrate Love and bring healing, justice and Life to the world. God wants us to be His hands, and voice in the world. This is not possible when we are promoting our personal agenda, beliefs and prejudices. (Yes I said prejudice). 

In fact, if we allow God, he will enlarge our perception and understanding of God , His mission and God’s children. 

When I began to allow God to enlarge my perception and heart (some of this not by choice) I found God much bigger and inclusive than my small doctrines and beliefs. 

It’s easy to love and accept those who are like us and agree with us. But what would happen if we allowed God to empower us to Love those we don’t agree with or understand? 


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