Higher Calling…….

There is a higher calling than where many of us find ourselves now. At least speaking for myself, I know this. I find that God, is always calling us, further, higher and into that Life that He has prepared for us. Its not that what we are doing is wrong, or not enough. I am not saying we need to do more. The rat race we sometimes think is life, is always demanding more.” If you worked harder, made more money, did more- your life would be better.” The problem with this kind of thinking is there is never enough money. People will always want more of us. Todo lists can grow to where even a superhuman, could not accomplish it all.

I have been living this kind of life and I know so many that have. I recently found myself, spent! I was exhausted and saw no way out. I had a wakeup call. I began seeking God and help. I found support in God, friends and in the medical arena. This all helped, but I also discovered the root of the problem. My life had gotten of course, and I was living to survive and not to Live!

I have a good job, that pays well, but that isn’t enough. I have a lot going for me and am grateful and thankful for it all. However- what I was doing, the way I have been living was no longer working for me. I am the steward of my Life. I was entrusted with this life over 48 years ago. I get to decide, what I am going to do with it.

I believe, life is more than just simply getting by until we leave and go to heaven. I believe, each one of us have a purpose and are part of God’s plan for this world. Christ began a work and was our example. He asked us to follow him, and live our life the way he did. He loved people. He encouraged, met needs, ministered to their pain and made a difference.

This week, the Pope visited the US. I have found myself, like so many such a fan of this Pope. I am not Catholic and actually don’t understand a lot of what they believe, but I still have been drawn to this man. Is it because he is perfect? Is it because He is the number 1 Catholic in the world? No, its because I see in some of his works and hear in his words the Christ that I know. When he stopped his motorcade to hug the little girl, who had alerted his security by her pushing to close. I saw Christ, blessing the little children. My point here is not to exalt the Pope, but to say that we all in our imperfection can reflect the person of Christ. We can bless children, minister to the poor, we can be his hands, his voice of Love make a difference.

But you might say, I wouldn’t know where to start. Its is simple, just ask yourself, how can I show Love to those lives I touch.

If you listen closely, you will hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit- saying, Come higher, come further, let me help you find your real purpose. This is not a call of guilt that you need to do more. But maybe what you have been doing, like me isn’t working for you, because you are doing and living in the wrong place. There is a better way, a Higher Calling that will bring the Joy and Peace you have been missing.

Maybe for you, it does not involve much change, but a simple willing to hear and see.


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