How are You defined?

We live in a world of labels. Some are audaciously displayed to promote the designer, some are less visible and are spoken over us by significant people in our lives, and reinforced by our own inner voice. 

Some of us buy into a label and then try to immulate what we see this meaning in those who also wear this badge. 

Sometimes we accept the ideas and definitions of what others believe a label is. “This is what a man is….” “A Christian is…..” “As a gay man you should……” 

So now I come back to my original question, How are you defined? Or Who is defining you? 

Only, one knows your full potential and that is your creator. This is our journey of purpose. To accept anything less, will leave us living an unfulfilled life. Jesus said, “I have come for this purpose, that you can have Life and not just an ordinary life, but a Abundantly fulfilled life!”

Sometimes, we settle for less. Sometimes we think we are unworthy or unable to attain this kind of Life, that is what Jesus was saying. I have come to give you this life and help you to find and enjoy it.

You might ask how? Well it’s not by simply putting on a new label. It is by trusting the Lord, to live a relationship of trust and allowing him to lead you to this life. 

You and I are much more than any label we have been given or accepted or embraced. We must not settle in life for a false substitute. 

I give up my labels and trade them in for the Life I was created for. I have tried the other ways, they only lead to frustration and unfufillment. 


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