Sent to you……

This morning I was reading a scripture, “God sent His Son” and it made me think. We all know that Christ gave His Life for us. But most of the time, we focus on the cross. Now the Cross was a major expression of His Love for us and is the foundation of a lot of what we believe. But I wanted to focus on the fact that the whole Life of Christ, every word he spoke, every deed he done, was for us. He was born as an expression of the Heart of the Father. He was and is Love personified.

He was sent to you and I, so we could know and know conclusively that we are Loved by God. He was born as this expression of Love, He live a life of this expression and example of this love and he died as this expression of love that would hold nothing back from us. But he didn’t stop there. He was raised from the Dead to enable us to receive His Spirit of Love to lead, comfort and direct us. So in truth, He is still living to express to us that we are Loved. We are God’s beloved.

Christ Through the Holy Spirit, wants to express to you today, right now in real ways that you are Loved. Allow Him to do so, for our trust and faith is based on this very real, and costly Love. It is yours, God sent it to you! Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. It is for EVERYONE! No Exceptions!

Just receive and accept it!


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