The Best relationship……

We all have a relationship with God. Some have a great relationship, and some  a not so great relationship. A relationship is simply how we relate to someone in our life. You can spend time with them, get to know them and have a good relationship or you can ignore them, become distant and live your life without considering them and you will have a not so good relationship.

One thing I have discovered about my relationship with God. God is faithful and always working to better our relationship. I not so much. There are times I ignore Him. There are times I live my life without considering God. There is sometimes I am distant and pretend I am alone. But God is perfect in His love for us. God is always present and willing to better our relationship with us. We only have to acknowledge Him.

The problem is we have all had relationships where we were let down. None of us can really grasp a perfect love or relationship. The most powerful truth to realize is, that He who knows you best, loves you most. God knows our dark side as well as our goodness. He knows that part of us that we can hide from others. He knows our moods, our attitudes and flaws. Yet, God sees in us someone that he loves more than anything. We are God’s beloved. That is something to put your faith in.

Faith doesn’t really work or transform a life if it is based on fear. It really can’t be based on doctrine, beliefs that one has been taught. Faith is simply Trust and must be based on Love and that is a love that you come to now through relationship. Every relationship, has its ups and downs. Times where we are more focused on ourself or take the other for granted. This relationship is no different, except it is only our side that goes through these relationship ups and downs. But God knows our human side. He will remain  present, loving and ready to carry your relationship further.

So no matter where you are today, in your relationship, just talk to God about it. Your fears, sins, weaknesses or flaws will not surprise him or catch him off guard. In fact he loves to hear about them and your day. HE will not get bored or simply act interested. He knows you best, but wants you to know him better. Invite Him into the mundane as well as the sacred.

Faith is about relationship, not about religion. Don’t expect yourself to do this relationship perfectly, any more than you do any other relationship perfectly. You don’t need to, thats why there is Grace. Just take the time to recognize God in everything and no matter where you are. He loves taking part in your life and everyday details.


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