Your too late…..

There are a lot of people who think they know the mind of God for “Them gays”…… However as one, I have a few thoughts of my own. These thoughts do not only apply to my LGBTQ brothers and Sisters. It applies to anyone who has ever had to overcome their own misconceptions of God or that of others that they feel compelled to force on you.

I have always known, the presence of God. I was in Love with Him young in life. However, I was also aware faintly of another struggle. I spent most of my life, not allowing myself to look into this thorn of my existence. If I loved God, prayed more, read the Bible more and served God better, than God would heal and change me and I would never have to deal with this one tucked away room, that I never acknowledged to myself, much less anyone else.

However, God did not allow me to remain as I was. Although, I was pretty successful, at keeping the monster at bay and buried. God began to allow my health and body to scream for me to get to the work of acknowledging and standing in my truth. I finally did, of no choice my own. Imagine my surprise to find that God, did not reject me as others had taught me. God met me and walked me into the most honest, authentic life, I have ever known. I found a God much bigger and more loving than anybody had ever explained to me as well. So after this discovery, my heart breaks for those who serve a small god. People who hide their own struggles, wearing masks while they sit on a pew trying to pretend to their peers they are more than what they actually believe themselves to be.

Some of these sad people, shout that God hates people like me. That God has reserved a special punishment for people like me. I frustrate them, when I talk about my faith in God or that I am a Christian and enjoy relationship with God.

However they are too late to tell me or convince me of their small perception of God. Not because I have deluded myself, or am hoping by some miracle God will make an exception for me. But because God Himself- has reached out and demonstrated His Love for me. His acceptance of me. Not because I am deserving in myself, but like all of us, His Grace is amazing for me too. My Faith has a sure foundation and its not somebody’s interpretation of scripture or a denominations doctrine. My Faith is based on the Secure Foundation of God’s Love. Not because of what I have done, but because of who God is. I rest in this Love, I celebrate this Love! I pray that every person in this broken world also finds out that this Love is real, and it belongs to them! I am dedicated to share this Love!

Don’t try to talk me out of it- Your too late!


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